Ramona Lyons

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Ramona has always been focused on the intersection of the visual world, narratives, people, and culture. She is a cultural insights specialist, focused on in-depth semiotics, cultural analysis and deep consumer context immersion- which means Ramona like juicy, creative projects with sticky problems at the core! Ramona has been involved in pinpointing key language and imagery, crafting brand strategy and inspiring innovation for established brands in the consumer packaged goods, apparel, technology, spirits, beauty, healthcare and food categories.

In addition to her commercial semiotic work, Ramona conducted qualitative and ethnographic research in a variety of settings ranging from hospitals to tattooing/piercing parlors to jazz clubs, and interviewed a variety of people including surgeons, Mexican cliff divers, and concert pianists.

She received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on cultural studies, visual communication and qualitative research methods. In another life, Ramona worked as a producer for television, taught film and cultural studies, and held research, advertising, and brand strategy roles within a global corporation.