Human-Centered Transformation


Organizations follow a universal arc of creation, growth, stall and stagnation. 

We use human-centered transformation to escape this dilemma. Our process utilizes the best thinking from strategy, innovation and design then adds insights into the deeper patterns of human behavior that cause stagnation and change. For organizations, this delivers:


    •    A renewed capability to create compelling products and services people want

    •    Deep, positive shifts in how your organization and culture behaves

    •    An opportunity to truly reinvent your identity and category

    •    A more vibrant place to work that will attract retain talent


 Human-centered transformation is based on decades of experience and research on what makes individuals, teams and organizations thrive.

There are a few vital ingredients.

First, we help leaders confidently step into the role of driving the transformation. Nothing happens without them. Second, we create the group that builds the products and services of the future. This group operates as the tip of the spear for the organization. They are the subculture (hence our name). These twin forces build the momentum that drives overall change in the whole enterprise.

We invented this because nobody has truly figured out how big change happens. Words have replaced real approaches: Innovation is a catch-all term, rarely used in the right way at the right time. Strategy is a constantly cited but poorly executed. Leadership remains vital but isn’t connected to tangible actions and decisions. People talk about new culture but never produce it. None of these approaches by themselves work well enough to get the job done. We had to create a new category that involves the best thinking in these areas then include a better understanding of human motivations and interactions.