Chatham Sullivan



Along with Michael Maness Chatham founded SUBCULTURE, a community dedicated to overcoming the human obstacles to innovation, strategy and change.  Chatham is a former partner at Innosight - a firm founded by HBS professor Clay Christensen to apply Christensen’s pioneering work on disruptive innovation to organizations. An organizational psychologist by training, Chatham is an expert on the role that senior executives play in strategy and innovation. 
Chatham is the author of the book The Clarity Principle. Before Innosight Chatham was a partner at Pivot and a senior manager at CFAR (The Center for Applied Research). In addition to his consulting experience, Chatham has taught executive education at the Wharton School of Business and the School of Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.
Chatham lives in Belmont Massachusetts with his three children, Sophia, Abraham, and Lyra. Back in the days when he was foot loose and fancy free Chatham was a professional flyfishing guide on Wyoming's Platte River.