Chatham Sullivan

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Chatham Sullivan is co-founder of SUBCULTURE an agency located in Boston and Hudson New York that invented human-centered-transformation as a way to help leaders build their future. 

Chatham is the author of the book,The Clarity Principle, which captured his history working intimately with CEOs, boards, and senior leaders in organizations as diverse as Fortune 100 corporations and cultural institutions as they wrestled with fate making choices about their futures.

Before Subculture Chatham was a partner at Innosight, a recognized authority on disruptive innovation founded by Harvard Business School’s Clay Christensen. Chatham was also partner at the global leadership development firm Pivot and a senior manager at CFAR (The Center for Applied Research) a spinoff of the Wharton School of Business. 

In addition to his consulting experience, Chatham taught executive education at the Wharton, the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, and the School of Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Chatham was raised in South Carolina, but lived around the US (once working as a flyfishing guide in Wyoming). He now lives in Belmont Massachusetts with his three children Sophia, Abraham and Lyra. 

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